Travel Essentials

Today I wanted to share my top

10 Travel Essentials! (in no particular order)

#1 Small Wallet

This trip I have been using the Kate Spade Cameron Street wallet. It is small, easy to carry around and has a spot for coins. While traveling, I mostly like to use my credit card, but having spare change is definitely a must.

#2 Under Eye Masks

To help with puffy eyes when I get tired while traveling, I have been using Beauty Pro Eye Therapy masks. They are prefect for mornings and really do reduce puffiness!

#3 Neck Pillo.

Growing up I always thought these pillows looked so uncomfortable. But I decided to try one out because I have been having a lot of neck pain lately and OH MY WORD they are amazing! I used it all night on the flight to England and traveling by bus can be really uncomfortable too. It has great support and is really worth it. It is easy to latch onto a bag. I couldn't find the exact one I have so I linked the TravelMate Memory Foam Neck Pillow from Amazon.

#4 Sleeping Mask This one is pretty self explanatory. Sleeping mask are essential while traveling. BUT this one is so amazing. It's the Slip Pure Sleep Silk Mask. It is all silk, too! It is not only so soft, but really good for your hair and skin. Having all silk is so gentle on your skin and doesn't add any weight or bacteria like cotton does. Silk is also awesome for your hair, cotton causes extreme breakage so having silk really protects your hair especially while sleeping! I have really been loving this and use it all time time for naps or just resting.

#5 Wireless Headphones

I am really not a big fan of headphones because they always hurt my ears, but these are the most comfortable! They are the Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones. They are blue tooth and just a necessity while traveling!

#6 Dry Shampoo

While on the go it's hard to keep your hair fresh so dry shampoo is a must! I have been loving the Not your Mother's Natural Royal Honey & Desert Melon Refreshing Dry Shampoo. It adds so much body and texture to my hair I'm tempted to use it even when my hair is clean! I have tried quite a few dry shampoos and this one is by far my favorite. Its smells amazing and adds so much texture. No matter what it's hard to keep your hair looking fresh while on the go, so this product is perfect to keep close by!

#7 Small Backpack

I decided to go with a small backpack instead of bringing a purse with me and I have been loving it! I have been using the Kate Spade New York Wilson Road Small Bradley Backpack Purse. It is super cute and small and fits everything that I need day to day. Purses are great, but they often get in the way and become annoying, I always forget I even have this backpack on! Such a cute piece and super practical.

#8 Slides

You never know where you'll end up while traveling. So let's be real. Some times the bathroom in the place you are staying might not be the cleanest so I like to have slides to slip on just in case. I have been loving these Ivy Park Logo Sliders and they are currently on sale! So cute and simple.

#9 Telephone Cord Hairties

You always need a hair tie while traveling but they so often hurt while on your wrist! These are my absolute favorite. They are not only really cute, but also add a lot of body to your hair. They fit comfortably on any wrist and are just super handy. These are the Slim Telephone Cord Hair Ties from Urban Outfitters!

#10 Kindle

Lastly, the Kindle. Another really basic travel necessity and it really does make a big difference! I am studying while traveling, so I have I lot of books to read throughout the semester! While living out of a suitcase, the Kindle is a lifesaver because it is so practical. I get all my books through Amazon where they are much less expensive than in hard copies. It makes reading a lot simpler and the screen looks exactly like book pages so it never hurts my eyes to read for an extended period of time!

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