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Hey Guys!

I have really been loving podcasts lately and wanted to share some of my favorites with you! I am really trying to read, listen to podcasts or just have time to sit in silence and not always have YouTube or Netflix on. These are a few podcasts that I keep going back to. I try new ones all the time but these are by far my top three. I hope you enjoy and I will link them all below!

1. What We Said

By Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade

This podcast just recently launched in June of 2018 and now has become one of my favorites. I listen to this every week. Jaci Marie is a instagram influencer and photographer and her co-host is Chelsey Jade a certified health coach. This podcast is so fun and easy to listen to. I really enjoy more lifestyle podcasts rather than always on packed with random informational. They often have guests ranging from other influencers, interior designers and friends with super interesting stories. Their fun light episodes are just easy to listen to. I like to listen when I'm just driving for a little while or doing things around home. Highly recommend this one guys!

2. The Influencer Podcast

By Julie Solomon

I just started this one recently and I have really been enjoying it. Lately, I have been trying to spend more time learning. Its really easy for my instagram and blog and just think I know what Im doing perfectly. I obviously don’t…so this is the perfect way to learn from people who do know how and so far it has been nothing but helpful. Julie talks a lot about what influence means, how to find your niche audience etc. There are often guests who have really capitalized in this area and can share personal experience on how to be successful. I normally just listen to one episode at a time - not really a podcast you would binge listen to, but its definitely really helpful. I’ve listened to a few others about influencing but this is by far the best I've came across so far. Super helpful and informative even if you're just interested in the Influencing business, you definitely don't have to be one yourself!

3. Dr. Death

By Wondery with Laura Beal

Okay yes, SURPRISE I do really enjoy the occasional murder podcast. They are crazy interesting! I listened to this podcast on a series of long drives over Christmas break and man did it make the time fly. I don’t listen to podcasts like this all the time but I have listened to a quite a few and this one is my favorite so far. It is just a mini series though so once you finish it thats it. Kind of a bummer there but, since its a real case every once an while they post updates! It’s about a doctor in Texas who begins botching surgeries and how the people around him finally get him to stop practicing. There are 6 episodes and it goes into detail, but not too much detail. I have listened to similar podcasts such as Serial, which is good but becomes repetitive and the seasons are really long. Another one I've tried was My Favorite Murder but that one is just a little too vague for me so Dr. Death is perfect. I also love Laura Beal, the host and her style. Its super interesting but if anything with blood or the topic of surgery creeps you out I’d stick to the top 2 ;)

What We Said

The Influencer Podcast

Dr. Death

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