Hey guys! This week I wanted to share some of the ways that I stay motivated! With all that I have going on and battling chronic migraines I thought I would share some things that keep me going. The down time that I do have between classes, meetings, and events is super important so I wanted to let you guys know the things that help me get things done!

Like I talked about in my last post: "5 Ways to Stay Organized," I talked about making lists! It can be really easy to just chill and do nothing, but for me that easily leads to a cycle of laziness. Being proactive and setting time limits for the phone, tv shows, and youtube is really helpful. Goal-setting for when things should be done is also really helpful for me. The days that I don't have much going on are either immensely productive or the complete opposite. Checking off what I have accomplished keeps me getting everything done! Having your goals written down so that you see them everyday acts as the best reminder of why you're doing what you're doing. Sometimes it can be so frustrating and it feels like nothing you're doing matters or that it's all busy work. Having written goals keeps your eyes on the big picture.

Who you surround yourself with is also huge! Making sure that the people you spend time with are there to make you be the best version of yourself is so important. Having friends and family that support my goals is huge motivation to me. Some days I just need someone to remind me what my goals are and that I need to take things step by step.

Along with support from those around you, having a clean, open space to work is huge. Just sitting at a desk can make all the difference for me. Even if homework is the last thing I want to do, sitting at my desk and allotting a specific amount of time to work can make it way easier to finish. I also feel so much better when I have a clean and organized work space. I was listening to the What We Said podcast the other day and they talked about how having a clean home leads to a much simpler and more productive life. Taking the time to make my bed every morning is one thing that I love doing. It's just a simple thing to accomplish every morning. Coming home after class to a clean room/house can make all the difference. Doing the dishes and putting things away makes your space so much more productive.

These are just a few ways that help me stay on top of things! Motivation is huge and it's okay to ask for help! Sometimes asking my roommate to make sure I get things done before I take a break makes all the difference. I hope these tips help and that you guys have an awesome week! Thanks so much for reading!


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