5 Ways to Stay Organized

Hey guys, this week I am sharing 5 ways that I stay organized as a college student and blogger! I love sharing more "lifestyle" type things with you all and have gotten awesome responses from them. These are just a few things that I keep in mind and try to stay on top of in order to not get overwhelmed with all that I have to do.

1. Take Your Time

To stay organized you have to take the time to plan out your week, create lists, and decide what is important. I love being able to look at the big picture at the beginning of my week. Take time to sit down and prepare for what's ahead. You're much more likely to get things done if you have them written out and visible.

2. Make Lists--Lots of them

I have a notebook where I write out all my lists. I normally write a new list for each day whether it has simple things like doing dishes or bigger tasks like writing an essay. I make sure everything is written down so I can check things off as I go. It feels so good and keeps you motivated. On Sunday nights I will write out a weekly list, then each day I split everything up because one big list can be SUPER overwhelming. The little lists I keep with me (on my phone or in my agenda) act as little motivators.

3. Color-Coordinate

I always keep my agenda with me and that is where I do most of my color-coordinating. I have a specific color for homework, exams, sorority events etc. This way whenever I open it, with just a quick glance I can see what I have to do that particular day or week. At the beginning of the semester I choose a color for each category and keep it consistent throughout that semester. I also make sure to use bright colors for the really important things.

4. Use Cute Supplies

No one wants to write in an agenda if it's not cute to begin with! T.J. Maxx is the BEST place to find adorable school supplies. And they have really great prices too! I have always used Lilly Pulitzer agendas, but this year I chose to deviate. I not only did this because they are quite pricey, but also because all that color is sometimes just too much for me. I found a $7 agenda at T.J.'s and it is perfect for what I need. I have also found really good notebooks, cute decor, and supplies there. I also snagged an address book from TJ's and it has become super helpful. Yes, I do actually still write letters, so having all of my addresses in one place is so helpful! The pens that I always use are the Paper Mate felt tips. They have adorable colors and I love how they write.

5. Find What Works for You

This is the way that I like to stay organized and keep myself from getting overwhelmed. But everyone is different. Take your time and see what works for you. I have five different notebooks, lists, and agendas that I use, but I know that having everything in one place for some people is huge! Invest in yourself! Taking the time to buy organizers can make a world of difference. I have one binder I use for classes and notebooks depending need. This is what I'm used to and it works for me. Finding what works for you is super important. I honestly wouldn't be able to get things done if I didn't stay organized.

These are just a few of the things that I do to keep my busy life in order! Making lists is my #1 tip in what helps me not get so overwhelmed with all that I'm doing. I hope this was helpful! Thanks so much for reading. Make sure to subscribe to my email list and follow my socials!



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