5 Minute Hair + Curl Routine

Hey guys! Today I am going to be sharing all about my everyday hair routine and the products that I use! I have also gotten a lot of questions about how I do my big loose curls so I thought I would throw that in as well!

Hair Routine

To be honest I don't have a very extravagant routine or many products that I constantly use. My hair is very fine and straight making it pretty low maintenance. I use Pantene 5 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and have been doing so for about two years now. I have no complaints about this product at all. It has a super fresh clean smell and protects, heals and strengthens my hair super well! Right after I shower I dry my hair with a towel immediately, make sure it isn't sopping wet and then add in some argon oil. For a long time I used argon oil of Morocco which worked well, but a friend bought me some from Indonesia and I absolutely love it! This oil is very thick and sticky, but that makes it works much better. I will link the closest thing to it I find! To apply I just rub it on my hands the run my hands through my damp hair to apply it, the damp hair is the key part to getting the most out of your argon oil.

As you can tell in many of my photos, I have a huge colic in my hair (not a normal part in the middle). I like to dry the top of my head right at the front to tame it down a little bit. Otherwise, I can just let my hair air dry and it stays straight. Normally I dry the top and just a little of it and leave it about half wet, half dry. That is pretty much the basics of what I do to my hair. I don't like to try a ton of new products because honestly I'm happy with my hair, and products can get really expensive. This is super simple, but what I do to my hair everyday!

Loose Curl Routine

As I mentioned at the top, I get a lot of questions about my loose curly hair that I wear pretty often. Especially when I tell people that it only takes me about five minuets. Now I don't have the thickest hair, but I have curled thick hair this same way in about the same amount of time so no more getting up an hour early to do your hair! I am old fashioned and still use a curling iron with a clamp. I was never able to use the wand. It just has never made sense to me! For this look I am using a 1 inch iron.

  • Make sure that my hair is completely dry

  • Section off hair into about five pieces

  • Take a section, clamp hair at the bottom and roll the hair up towards head

  • Let hair sit there for a couple seconds until warm

  • Twist iron slowly while opening and closing the clamp as you move it away from head

  • Repeat with each section of hair

At this point you should have five or six big curls

  • Leave curls for about five minuets without touching so they have time to set

  • Run fingers through each curl

  • Flip head upside down and brush finger through again

  • Flip hair up and you're all set!

You can always add hairspray in while your head is upside down if needed. I like to just leave them natural. I also don't care if I have a few straight ends or pieces, makes it look more natural. I use this all the time and its truly does take only 5 minuets!

I hope this was helpful and you all enjoyed! Make sure to like, subscribe to my emailing list and share on socials!


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