Outfit of the Day

Hey guys this week I'm sharing one of my go-to outfits! This super simple outfit is perfect for class or just running errands. Since I go to school in Tennessee, its super humid outside, but in side for class its always freezing! So I love wearing cute hoodies with sweatshirts to compromise. This sweatshirt is one of my favorites. It is a Calvin Klein light pink cropped hoodie and it actually has matching sweat pants. It's an adorable set but one thing I love is that when they are apart they are still super cute. These high-waisted black frayed shorts are from forever 21 and are the perfect cute shorts that go perfectly with just a simple T or hoodie. And of course these classic converse-- but for real they are my favorite. I love putting them with high white Nike socks.

Short post for you guys today just wanted to share what I've been wearing lately!


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