Taking a deep breath with JORD

Hey guys! As many of you know I am working up at a summer camp which is keeping me super busy! One thing that I can’t live without this summer is this amazing JORD wooden watch! Making sure to be on time and stay on schedule is huge to keep everything running on the perfect pace. This watch is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I’ve owned because its practical and super cute.

One of my favorite things to do is to be outside in God’s creation and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Being in northern Michigan this summer, I have had the opportunity to basically live outside, but more importantly share Jesus while doing so! At camp I am a lifeguard and counselor. I spent time on the lake lifeguarding but my favorite thing to do is to take campers out on trips to Lake Michigan to see the vastness of lake Michigan and soak it all in. As I mentioned before it is really important to stay on task and to keep campers moving and on time, a few weeks ago as we were hiking out to the lake to find a sunken ship, I had a camper who was having a tough time keeping up. I had to remember the reason we were out there. We didn't have an agenda or schedule. I had to take a deep breath and relax and enjoy the moment. Even when I'm in my favorite place in the world, doing the things I love I can so easily get caught up with an agenda. Once I decided to forget about where we had to be or the end goal and just enjoy the time that God gave us it truly made the trip. Life gets crazy, even in the summers and I want to encourage you all to just take a deep breath. This JORD watch is the perfect accessory and watch to remind me of the creator and to enjoy the word around me because of its beautiful wooden band. And to make it even better it has Sarah Jane engraved on the inside!

I have loved taking time away for the blog for a little but I'm excited to get back into it this school year! Make sure that you guys enter my giveaway with JORD Watches and use my 10% off discount code linked right here! This is the link to my watch too! XOXO, SJ

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