Summer Break

Hey guys! I wanted to write a short post and just update you on what this summer is going to look like for me and the blog! As I mentioned before, I am heading up north to work as a counselor and lifeguard at a bible camp for the summer! (Up near where this photo is from!!) I am really, really excited but a little disappointed knowing that I won't be able to put as much time and energy into the blog as I would like. Thankfully, I have a cool project coming up for you guys and posts planned, but you just won't be seeing weekly uploads as usual. The most content I will be creating will be on Instagram so make sure you're following me!

So, a little more about what I will be doing this summer and the things that I will need prayer for! Each week at camp we have different aged students from elementary - high school (and a few family camps). I will have a group of girls each week to spend time with, love on and pour into. But with that I know that I really need to stay close to God in order to have enough of Him to pour out. Prayers that I can stay in tune with what the Lord has for me and that I can truly learn to let the Spirit lead would be appreciated. I am also going to be lifeguarding on the waterfront! The lake that we are on is connected to Lake Michigan, which as many of you know, is my favorite place in the world. I'm so excited to share stories, photos and all God is doing throughout the summer.