How I Instagram

Hey guys I have gotten a lot of questions all about Instagram so I figured I'd dedicate a post to how I take and edit my photos! I hope you all enjoy and find it helpful! There are so many editing apps and it can be super overwhelming especially when trying to land the perfect Instagram theme. In this post I will show you how I edit the picture to the right and step by step!


  • What do you take your photos on?

I have a cannon rebel camera that most of my photos are shot on, but for real it is normally hard to tell what is on my camera vs. my iPhone. I have an iPhone 7, which is great but the camera quality isn't the same as say an 8+, so I normally try and stick to shooting with my camera. Most people who take my picture know how to use my camera but sometimes it's just all together easier to use a phone which still takes great shots.

  • Who takes your photos?

Honestly my answer to that is anyone who is willing! At school normally my dear friend Meg shoots my blog posts, but whenever I see a cute spot I just ask whoever I'm with to snap a few. Last week my mom took my photos and they turned out great! What I like to do when I have a certain idea is show the one with the camera what I'm thinking and let them see multiple shots to get an idea which makes it easier for them and lets you get more of what you want!

  • How do you find all these cute spots?

For real a lot of the spots I shoot are are not cute accept the few feet that are in the background. For my Instagram I try to keep the backgrounds simple and bright but the major thing for me is NO BRICK. Red brick is so dominating and your eyes draw to it when its in a small collection of 9 tiles. White or painted brick works for my theme but thats about all I do. When it comes to taking the shot in a public place, it can be a little weird but whatever. Sure people might look at you but if you want the photo take it! More annoying than people looking is when the friend taking the photo is awkward about it. Trust me I know. Even if your friends give you crap take the time you need and take the photo, it's worth it!

  • What is a theme and Why does it matter?

A theme only matters if you want it to. Instagram is different for every user but if you want your photos to at least match a little bit the biggest thing is to use the same tools while you're editing. I will go into that more below but using the same color pallet creates a much cuter profile to look at. A theme just is a style that reflects you as a creator. The colors or filters you choose should enhance you but also shine light on what you love. For me my theme is light backgrounds with pinks and blues (and now some green since the trees have come out!). Pink is my favorite color and blue is just what I end up wearing the most so those colors are easy and practical for me! Some people go all out with themes like black or crazy colors, I try to keep it simple and subtle so that I can post the photos I want not just the only ones that match my theme.


So editing, the big part of Insta. The apps that I use are SnapSeed and VSCOcam. I just started using Snapseed regularly a few months ago and I am obsessed with it. I honestly only know how to use about 1/16 of all is has to offer but it is super helpful. It is Google's editing app so it has really helpful tips and is pretty easy to navigate. The main thing that I use Snapseed for is lightening my backgrounds. I always try to have a white or light background that is honestly really hard! So this app is my best friend! The pictures below are how Snapseed works with lightning. The first photo is the original, the the second is red, which shows where is used the exposer brush (I normally use .7), and the last one is obviously the lightened picture. As you can see there isn't a huge difference but it does help lighten the photo (I only lightened the ground for this .

After I lighten a photo on I take it onto VSCOcam. There I use the Exposer and Contrast tools and turn them up as much as needed and depending on how dramatic I want the photo to be. Normally I bring the contrast up about 1.0 and the exposer up around 2.0 but it all depends on the shot so I just play with it for a while. The first photo below is with just the exposer and contrast up. The I use my favorite filter of all time...A5. I have been using A5 on my photos for probably a year or so. It is a free filter on VSCOcam but you have to go into the store and download the A package it isn't already loaded on the app. It has a blue hue to it and I'm not really sure why I just love it and on some photos I use it all the way up to 12.0 but on most its around 5.0 but again it all depends what you like and the look you're going for. Lastly I crop and straighten (the best thing that VSCO has. It saves so many of my pictures!)

And that is how I do it! I hope this was helpful for you guys! Oh and one last thing, on my insta-stories I always use the filter Melborn. I for stories I don't edit outside of Instagram! Shoot me questions if you have them and make sure to like this post!