5 Goals for Month 5

Hey Guys! Its May the fifth month and first month of summer, so I wanted to share some of the goals that I have for this unique month! This summer I am going to be a camp counselor but that isn't starting until June, and so this is kind of a free month! Something I haven't had in a really long time! Also, so sorry I didn't post last week! Exams and moving back from school had me a little pre-occupied but I'm back and excited to upload and create more content this month!

1. Quietness

This first goal for me is yes being quiet as the title reads, but also spending quiet time with the Lord. This year has been so incredible and I have seen God working but the last time I lived at home I really wasn't in the habit of spending time daily in the Word. It's so easy to fall back into the groove of how things used to be when you're back home. And the few days that I've already been back I am feeling it! But as I mentioned above I am going to be a camp counselor this summer which I am so excited about but somedays I really don't feel equip especially being a spiritual leader. So often then I am placed in spiritual leading positions I forget about my relationship with Christ and solely focus on helping and "fixing" everyone else. Obviously, this never goes well and I end up dead and dry. So my prayer for this month is that I can spend time in the Word, here God's voice and be filled up to be able to pour out. I'm hoping to not only be reading God's word but also reread books like Crazy Love and Forgotten God by Fransis Chan. Taking time to step back and really evaluate yourself is so important and I'm really looking forward to the free time I have to really dig into the Word.

2. Intentionality

I know the word intentional is so over used but it really seemed fitting for this goal so I had to suck it up and use it. Okay so my idea behind this goal is just really spending quality time with those around me, to ask tough questions and to be a light and a good friend. It's really easy to look at this time God has given me and only see the people who I love to be with and that make me feel good, which isn't what we are called to do. I'm not saying I'm going to hang out with people who I hate or people I don't know, but I want to go deeper in the relationships that I do have. Being at a Christian college its really easy to have deep conversations with friends just because of the base of Christianity, but its a little harder when there isn't that common ground. But that's what makes it so rich! Stepping out and showing those you love how God has changed your heart. Along with reaching friends I really want to learn from spiritual leaders that have poured into me--like some moms from church, my sister, mom etc. It's so easy to just talk about the simple things and laugh at funny videos but my goal is to see their hearts and understand what they have learned because they have so much more knowledge than me for sure!

3. Organization

As many of you know I am quite an organized gal with my agenda all filled out with different colors for each event, but it is much easier to be organized living out of a 7 foot dorm room than moving back home. One goal is still to fully unpack and make my room livable but what I really hope with this goal is to organize my head. To yes, have everything where it goes but also get ahead on things for next fall, really taking time to simply just sit and think and organize all my plans and thoughts even for the blog. This is a pretty obvious goal for a college kid but I thought it was relevant so I included it!


Unlike most people my age I love to go to bed early and make sure to get all my rest for the next day if my schedule is full. But I often find that when I have time over breaks when I don't have tons to do I end up staying up late on YouTube then sleeping in so late the next day! The worst I know. Sleeping in has never been my forte and I'm so thankful because I feel like I waste so much of the day. Like I've mentioned being a counselor this summer is literally going to be non-stop so getting good rest before the summer officially starts is super important. Through exam week I kept going back and forth with a sore throat and stuffy nose so I'm really trying to get that out of my system before camp! I want to get good rest this break not only just sleeping but also rest from being so stressed and busy. I have a few books that I'm hoping to read this month (let me know if you guys want to see what they are) that I'm excited to just be still and read. Having the semester over and no pressing due dates is the best and I'm really trying to soak it in!


Lastly, I just want to enjoy this special time. I love to work out and so I'm excited to go running outside (also doing lifeguard certification so that will be quite a work out!) and take time to do the things I love. I'm so blessed to have a mom and dad that I get along with so well so having bonfires and spending time with them is something I will definately be doing! Also, I'm taking a trip to see far away grandparents which is the best way to rest for me :) But really just to enjoy the people around me and the place where God has me now.

I hope you all enjoyed this more "lifestyle" post! Thanks so much for reading make sure to subscribe to my mailing list and follow me on my socials!


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