Freshman Year: Health

While sharing about my first year of college, in no way am I trying to put myself above others or brag. I just want to share what this year has taught me. This week I'm sharing a little about my health this year. Thankfully unlike every other blogger, I won't be sharing about a lifestyle change to work out and eat healthy! I am trying to do those things, but they aren't the focus of this post. I want to tell you guys about my concussions...ugh the worst. I know that a lot more people suffer from concussions than I'm aware of, which is one of the main things that I have learned this semester. For some back story: This past summer, I worked at a golf course and I got hit in the temple with a golf ball (not funny, but also super funny... I mean what are the odds!). Just after I managed to get this concussion, I had college cheer camp down in Tennessee. My doctor said I would be fine to go as long as I didn't get hit in the head. Well I got hit in the same spot and got another concussion a week and a half after the golf ball incident. During the weeks that followed cheer camp, I was determined to get better so that I would be able to practice and resume life as normal by the time school would start in a month. My headaches decreased and I seemed to be getting back to normal, but once school started my headaches became worse than ever before. All of the reading and focusing made my head hurt, but what made it the worst was sound. Any event with a lot of people, or even a lot of moving around caused me to see stars and have insane pain in my head. I was unable to go to cheer practice or any events outside of class. I got to the point where bending over would make me see stars so staying in bed was my least painful option. I'm not saying all of this for pity, but I just want to be open and honest. Many times I would call my mom and say that I just wish I had broken my arm or leg so that it could heal quickly and that people could see what was causing me pain and take me seriously. I spent everyday with my trainer and most days with a doctor telling them my pain levels but nothing seemed to help. Thankfully I was able to finish the semester and see a neurologist to get some answers. I was able to be put on the correct medicines and feel much better. But as I reflect on my first semester, the worst part was the isolation from people not being able to understand. For a long time I was unable to go to chapel, practice cheer, or attend any noisy events with friends. This left me in my room and watching Youtube or whatever, but it has taught me to be much more aware. God has blessed me with an amazing roommate whom I wrote about last week. She was able to be the supporter I needed and simply sit with me and understand. I didn't need her to say anything or do anything except listen when I needed to talk. I found that I am so oblivious to other people in their suffering and I so easily focus on myself. God has called us to step out in our faith and care for those around us instead of fixing them. I am the type of person who wants to make everything better and fix every problem so that I can move on. However that is not was Jesus did at all. He sat with the lepers, the blind, the poor etc. and offered his love to help them.

I've loved sharing more with you guys and I am so thankful for all of you. I love getting your feed back and getting your suggestions for new posts! Next week in my last week of freshman year I'm going to be shearing about my Heart so keep an eye out for that!