Happy spring! It doesn't quite feel like spring yet, but hopefully we will get some good weather coming our way soon! Today I am sharing one of my favorite books! This was one of my spring break reads and I really enjoyed it. It's by Rebekah Lyons who actually came and spoke at my school last semester! It was on my Christmas list, but it took me until Spring Break to get around to reading it! I actually ended up reading this book in one day, but during the past few weeks I've been going back through it. During my quiet time every day, I've been answering the questions Rebekah poses at the end of each chapter.

This book is entitled You are Free so it's obviously about freedom. However, my first impression of the book what much different than what I ultimately experienced while reading it. I am normally one who loves books with stories that keep you interested, but this definitely held my attention! Each chapter identifies a different type of freedom: freedom to be rescued, freedom to be called, freedom to confess, freedom to thirst, etc. While reading and reflecting on these ideas, I have realized that I so often disregard the idea of freedom because it is so common in America and specifically the Christian community. We are told that we are free in Christ, though we have no idea of the true depth that is held in that word. My idea of freedom (when it came to my relationship with Christ) was the most simple form of the word. I understood that he had given me free choice, and that I should act in a way that honors him as my Heavenly Father in order to truly love him. However, diving into this book and hearing Rebekah's stories about what true freedom is truly opened my eyes. The most important thing about this book is the point of application which I'm definitely still stumbling through. I feel so often that the time I spend with the Lord every morning consists of basic thanks and needs, but not any evaluation. My eyes have been a little more opened to how God can truly create in me a heart of flesh, and raise me up in freedom through the necessary changes in me that I can't see myself. The point of application is taking time to ask the tough questions and waiting patiently for God to reveal an answer. That is where freedom is found. This is just a super simple overview of what I have found through this book. Rebekah shares her life and defines different seasons, but the emphasis is on His grace through it all.

I highly recommend this book and hope y'all enjoyed!