Home Away From Home

Hey guys! This week I am sharing what my dorm looks like. Super exciting, I know! But for real I do love my tiny little home here at school and thought I would share what I've done to make the space feel more homey. Sorry for the pictures, the lighting was super weird with only one small window, but I did my best!

So this is my side of the room. I have a Nichole Hiller quilt on my bed and I love it! If you look at it more up-close, you are able to see the stitching details that add a southern sophisticated look. My headboard was actually made by my parents! This was a later addition to my room, and they were able to make it really easily. It adds so much to the room! My pillows are a collection mostly from T.J. Maxx and Homegoods and so is my throw blanket on the bed. My roommate and I decided to string twinkle lights around the perimeter of our room and it was such a great decision! They give the perfect amount of light late at night and have a much cozier feel than the huge ceiling lights. The bulletin board that's on my wall is something I just stumbled upon in Homegoods, and I'm so thankful that I did! It's the perfect thing for the space and a super cute spot for photos and notes!

This is the little "kitchen area" and spot for random things in our room. We got the shelf from Target at the beginning of the year and it looks great. The white goes well with the light-washed wood and makes the space feel open even though it takes up some space. We have a clock (just for looks because it ticks really loud), chalkboard, and two signs. The light square on the wall is from Target. It lights up and says "Be Bold". Sadly, the light doesn't stay on very long, but we also have a light box on the microwave! It's super cute and ties in all the black and white on that side of the room.

So this is my tiny closet. I was very blessed that my closet at my parents' house was huge, so this was quite the downgrade. However, I've adjusted to it pretty well. It's pretty self- explanatory where everything goes and such, but my Laundry bag is from Marshalls and I just thought it was cute. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to share an amazing closet tour with you guys with a section just for my sneakers, but I'm in college so this is what I've got to work with.

This is my desk and my favorite part of my room! I love a clean desk and a big space to work so I've loved using this as my work space. I like to keep this area clean so I only have a few decorations that I can easily set on the floor or move if i need more space. The clear S and the notebook holder are from Marshalls. My clock from Target is super cool and I highly recommend it. My lamp is surprisingly from Meijer, and of course my pink dolla horse from the homeland-- Sweden. I knew I wanted something above my desk, but I couldn't decide until I found this wire hanger from Target. I've just attached photos, letters and stickers to it. I really didn't want this part of my small space to feel cramped at all, and with the transparency of some of the decorations it seems much less bulky than it could. Also, the beautiful notebook was a christmas present from my lovely roommate who knows how much I love clean pretty lists.

Way to go if you made it all the way through! I know this wasn't the most exciting post, but I wanted to share my home base with you all! I'm excited for the blogs that will come in the next few weeks, so make sure to subscribe to my emailing list below and like this post!