Pink Things

Happy Valentine's day!

As you all can probably tell already, pink is by far my favorite color and (most likely) always will be. So naturally, Valentine's is such a cute and fun time in my opinion! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite "Pink Things"! I have picked out a few jewelry items and lipsticks that I've been loving. I hope you all are having a lovely day and enjoy these favorites!

Above, I have these beautiful Kendra Scott earrings in the color Magenta. They are the perfect Valentine's accessory and statement piece. I love pairing them with a simple outfit so that they pop! They are so cute and I love how big and fun they are!

This is my favorite piece of my Kendra Scott collection. It is the Elisa Rose Gold necklace and I honestly wear it with everything! I think it's perfect because it can be dressed up or down. I normally have it on with the rest of my gold jewelry, and since it has that hint of rose it matches any outfit!

These pink Warby Parker glasses are my absolute favorite frames I have ever had! I have had them for just over a year and I love them. They are simple but add a cute girly tone to every look!

This is the Jackson Street Lacey wallet from Kate Spade and it is the perfect shade of pink! It is a pale pink or "millennial pink" as it is beginning to be called. It's a great size and can also act as a clutch for fancier events!

Now I want to share one of my favorite lip colors which also happens to be pink! This is my go-to everyday lipstick. I honestly wear it everyday so I'm always going to the drug store and picking up another one! It is a simple, pretty, matte color pink that glides on super smooth. It's a light color that isn't too noticeable but adds a good hint of color to a natural face!

This is another one of my favorite lip colors. It's the Color Pop Ultra Matte Lip in the color Fresh Cut. I wasn't so sure about Color Pop at first, but I decided to buy a pack of five Mini Lipis and I love them! They are the perfect size and also a great deal. This color is a cross between magenta and light pink, which is super fun and unique. It's definitely a statement lip color, and not something I grab for everyday, but it's perfect for a Valentine's date night!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Valentine's Day post! I'm spending my day with friends and finishing up some homework after my trip to AZ! Hoping you all have a great V day with family and friends!