Hey guys! Thanks for coming back for this week's post! I’m starting to get into this groove of blogging and I’m

really enjoying it! In one of my classes, we have been learning about faith and vocation: The first thing we as Christians are to do is follow Christ, and secondly, work in the world where He has called us.

Along with learning this in class, I have been reading through the book of Exodus and have been astounded

by the power of God. Often I've heard "don’t put God in a box" and think that it's silly because there’s no way I would do that. Nevertheless, I find myself doing just that. When starting college, it’s easy for me to think about my dreams and to separate them from the reality of where God wants me to be. These two separate plans did not start to become one until I started to lift the lid off of the box in my heart where God had then resided. I began to lift this dream of blogging up to Him while asking how I can honor Him with it.

I’m still learning and I think that I will be for a long time, understanding why I was made to love fashion and social media. I'm finding that the times I am most inspired for my content is while in the word or worshiping the Lord. This proves to me that we are working through this together and I am not on my own.

Anyways, this week's outfit has a little more of a warmer feel. We are now in the month of February, which means lots of chilly rain. Luckily, this sweater is perfect for that! It's Pink Rose brand from TJ Max. The bell sleeves add a cute flare to a classic. I paired it with simple dark-washed American Eagle jeans and Old Navy booties. Also, these are some of my favorite sunnies! I picked them up from H&M a few years ago and they are the perfect thing to add to a simple chic look.

Thanks for all the love and support


//And sending birthday love to my photographer, editor and friend MH //